Only what changes,
will remain


For example, in the Mertonviertel of Frankfurt, between 1994 and 2004 we achieved success in improving connections to the city infrastructure and the quality of life for those working there, by creating local shopping facilities and other amenities. 


In 1994, at the start of our work in this newly-created district, by carrying out intensive PR activities we were able to contribute to raising its profile in the public eye. As a result of our comprehensive package of measures, by 2004 the amount of vacancy had fallen so far that virtually full letting of this attractive location was achieved.


Our proposal to add "Mertonviertel" to the name of the Riedwiese underground station was supported by the city authority and was finally implemented in 2004.



We know Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region "like the back of our hand"! After more than 20 years of activity in the market, we have a network of excellent contacts in the local authorities, foundations, NGOs and action groups in all aspects of society. The long-term orientation of our projects leads to a high level of acceptance of our activities by the population. We are particularly proud of this. 


The actions we have initiated involve the direct vicinity and the whole district. This makes it possible for us to bring about radical improvements, even in severely challenged locations.


We provide you with comprehensive services at each stage of the project, from analysis to developing a strategy and drawing up firm recommendations for action through to realisation of the project.



  • Research on the location
  • Survey and review of the property / district
  • Investigation of the planning position
  • Developing concepts on the basis of the existing building
  • Market research and compilation of demand analyses on the basis of the concept
  • (Re)positioning and/or converting properties
  • Developing implementation concepts

Close cooperation with our clients, who receive all-round advice from us, is particularly important to us.