Only what changes,
will remain



The office building Lyoner Strasse 30, Frankfurt am Main – Bürostadt ("office town") Niederrad, which we recently sold to an investment fund, is an example of the conversion of an office building into a residential building. This property is to be converted to an apartment building with 183 furnished apartments. 

We are a founder member of the recently-founded association Standortinitiative Neues Niederrad (SiNN – New Niederrad Location Initiative) that has made its business to moderate, facilitate and support the conversion of the "office town" into a lively urban district, with a high quality of life, as a place to live, work and enjoy leisure.



Increasing shortages of residential accommodation, with rising rents, are confronting – particularly in Frankfurt – out-of-date office buildings with rising vacancy rates. The desire of many people to move their homes back into the city exacerbates this problem. This poses major challenges to the Frankfurt real estate industry, in view of the extremely limited availability of space. 


We analyse your property and its surroundings, not just in respect of its structural and amenity aspects but also the quality of life, the socio-demographic structure of the local population and the image of the district. Our concepts and strategies are based on this special approach. This can include a range of uses.


We provide intensive support during the whole course of the project – from the original idea through to handover. We bring all the strands together. If required, after successful completion of the project we can follow on with the development of a letting strategy or the initiation of a sale process.



  • Location-related analysis of the property 
  • Compiling feasibility studies for the investor
  • Developing the strategy for conversion as well as the project time schedule
  • Investigating the planning position
  • Carrying out discussions with the Frankfurt Planning Authority for preliminary examination and agreement to a possible conversion
  • Concept presentation, so that the architect can draw up plans for preparing and submitting the application for outline planning consent
  • Advising the investor during the preparation phase for the application for planning consent, at the same time as developing the entire concept
  • Advising the investor on obtaining tenders from general contractors
  • Participating in discussions with all contractors involved in the project, in order to ensure implementation of the overall aims of the project and compliance with the planned economic framework
  • Assembling and coordinating all those taking part in the project